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About Integrated Feeding Systems

IFSYS North America, located in Inman, South Carolina, was established to strengthen and emphasize a firm and longterm commitment to our many existing and future customers in the US, Canada, and also in Mexico.

IFSYS North America operates as an independent division of IFSYS Germany, and is solely owned by them.

Although we are an independent US company, we work closely with our parent company in Germany. Depending on the size, complexity and delivery demands of project, manufacturing might take place either at our facility here in the US or in Germany.

IFSYS North America is responsible for US, Canadian and Mexican projects involving:

We have an exceptional crew with many, many years of Automated Parts Feeding experience and are eager to work with you as your supplier and partner.

Contacting IFSYS

IFSYS North America
2240 Hwy 292
Inman, SC 29349 US
Phone: +1.864.472.2222

IFSYS Europe
Am Weißen Kreuz 5
97633 Großbardorf DE
Phone: +49.9766.940098.0


Please let us know how we may be of service to you.

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