Measuring Technology

Your quality of products and processes is 100% checked


We supply everything from a single source: feeding, high-performance camera systems measuring and sorting for the further production process.

Parts Feeding is our strength, you can rely on it. With our experience in the field of feeding technology, we provide the sorting parts at any time, in the right quantity and position, within fractions of a second, for the next step in the measuring process.

Criteria such as diameter, length or surface are detected and evaluated using industrial image processing. This is done with a speed and accuracy that a human could never achieve with a naked eye.

Depending on test and measurement criteria, all parts are categorized and sorted into the designated containers.

In addition to completely new systems, IFSYS also offers maintenance and optimization for existing machines. Together with you, we alwayswill find the best solution.


Individual steps of IFSYS measurement technology:


  • Feeding: our strength
  • Visual check: Are the length, diameter and surface good?
  • Sorting: Various evaluation options - from parameters to self-learning software
  • Integrate: Interfaces to follow-up processes

Feeding technology from the specialist


Feeding: Our strength

Automated parts feeding combined with tailor-made test and measurement technology enables a safe and efficient production process for all of your components. As a specialist for feeding technology and the know-how for measuring and test systems, we can designe the perfect overall solution for your individual application. Your advantage: Everything from a single source and tailor-made.


IFSYS feeding systems with measurement technology


  • ... for small parts: e.g. B. pins, contacts and needles
  • ... for high accuracy: V-profile groove in the glass disk
  • ... for more efficiency: large stocks with low noise emissions
  • ... for high speeds: high-frequency vibration, multi-track, gentle
  • ... for economical solutions: feeds with spiral conveyors
  • ... for error-free results: dirt-insensitive, orientation in the correct position


Visual checking     


Do diameter , length and surface fit?

Opto-electronic sensors and cameras are used to take a closer look at your parts. In most cases, the use of a glass plate (with or without profile groove) is the ideal solution. Tests can also be carried out using camera tapes, in free fall, on vibrating rails or on a glass disc. 

An inspection and measurement criteria of the product can be dimensional accuracy, scratches on the surface, bending and other quality criteria.


Solutions for measurement and test technology

  • Inspection and measurement tasks with transmitted and reflected light for geometry measurements or surface inspection
  • Position and form evaluations
  • 360° tests – in free fall
  • Multiple simultaneous tests and measurements, using several cameras
  • Measurements possible even under difficult requirements or conditions
  • Manual testing and measuring stations - semi-automated solutions are possible
  • Tactile measurements - by touching probes



Various evaluation options - from parameters to self-learning software

Targeted air blasts separate the 100% quality-controlled parts. Those bring the parts reliably from the glass disc to the following process within fractions of a second. Parts that are not blown off are drifted off the glass disc and can be disposed of or repeatedly fed and inspected.

We got the right solution for your requirements, from the simplest separation of good and wrong parts to complex classification using self-learning software.



Sorting solutions

  • Sorting out directly after measurement without long waiting times
  • Multiple sorting after result evaluation
  • Conveyor capacity: Up to 500 parts/minute (depending on the part to be tested)
  • Self-sufficient, depending on the degree of automation
  • Use of AI - depending on the requirement



Interfaces to follow-up processes

IFSYS has the right solutions for a continuous material flow. Lift systems, conveyor belts, slides and other options are part of the IFSYS modular feeding system.
Do you need your parts to be packed? Then we can count, pack, label and also palletize them. In order to achieve 100% quality control at the end, we determine the right measurement method right from the start and carry out test measurements. We provide you with the resulting feasibility studies free of charge and advise you in detail until the implementation.



Interface solutions

  • Data transmission according to your requirements, e.g. OPC UA
  • Lift systems, conveyor belts, slides and other options
  • Counting and packing
  • Palletizing
  • Feasibility studies

Our services


  • Cost free feasibility study and preliminary investigations
  • Support and advice, specifically for your measurement task
  • Carrying out test measurements to determine the correct measuring method
  • Creation of a special solution for your measurement tasks
  • Optical metrology
  • Opto-electronic measurement technology
  • Tactile measurement technology (rotary indexing tables)
  • Video measurement

More information

Would you like to know more? For further information on our feeding systems or feeding modules, we kindly refer to the specific product descriptions.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us.