The Step Feeder is one of the most
commonly used feeding systems

and is predominantly used for pre-sorting and dosed feeding of the VIBROLINER.

A well-conceived design, optimum feeding capacity and high reliability characterize the Step Feeder, in equal measure to our other feeding systems. The advantages of the feeder are further complemented by its gentle handling of conveyed parts, low noise level and the fulfilment of special requirements.


  • Proven and robust feeding technology
  • Dirt separation is intrinsic to the design
  • Also facilitates the feeding of larger and more complicated sorting parts
  • High feeding capacity with lower noise emissions
  • Variable outlet height with unchanging, ergonomic filling height

Would you like to know more about our step feeder?

For further information on our feeding systems or feeding modules, we kindly refer to the specific product descriptions. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.