Optical Sorting Technology

360° - all around view plus classification of your sorted goods

IFSYS as a specialist for feeding technology sets new standards in the field of sorting technology – as well as for food. Especially sorting parts with changing and demanding geometries can be sorted and classified with the help of our sorting technology. This allows them to be further processed easily and quickly.

There is no ideal solution for optical sorting. The solution is always an automation solution, tailored to the needs. In the blink of an eye, it can fulfill the complex requirements of the manufacturing process. From storage to feeding, sorting or classification to packaging.

Your customized sorting solution - from a single source like at IFSYS.

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  • Sorted goods are checked in a 360° all around view
  • One machine - different sorting parts
  • More performance and efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Guaranteed, consistend quality
  • Absolut accuracy
  • Maximum yield
  • Contactless handling, no damage to the parts
  • High throughput and therefore high availability (24/7)

Automated Sorting Solution


Classification of sorted goods with changing and demanding geometries

Quality control & differentiation of quality classes are an absolutely important factor in the food industry, but also in other industries such as the processing of plastics. 

Products having defects or inferior quality classes must be identified and sorted out in a targeted manner. The detection of defective spots and defects by humans are often not of consistent inspection quality and are carried out on the basis of subjective criteria.
Mechanical sorting technology with optical sensor technology, on the other hand, not only improves efficiency but also ensures high standards based on objective criteria.

Automated sorting solutions offer a high throughput rate and increase quality, yield, product safety and profit. There is no universal solution with optical sorting technology, but always a customized system that can process different sorting materials if neede. We can find a customized solution together with our customers, based on our many years of experience in feeding technology.



Special features of the optical sorting technology from IFSYS


  • 360° - all a round view: A complete picture is the basis of a good evaluation
  • First class quality: With our technology we make the invisible visible
  • Gentle handling of the sorted parts: Contactless product testing through the use of contactless sensor technology 
  • Sorting at speed: Fast sorting through the use of coordinated image recording technology  and special feeding technology.
  • Flexibility and routine at the same time: One machine, different sorting goods - well thought out from the beginning
  • Performance meets simplicity: Objective sorting in more than 5 quality classes
  • Great ease of operation: Through the use of AI, the sorting system learns based on defined criteria. As a result, less manual intervention is required
  • Made in Germany: We not only convince with many years of experience, but also have all competences in-house and are quickly on the ground
  • Worldwide: Even global is not a problem for us. We offer reliable service through worldwide service locations

Optical sorting technology-what is?


Maximum performance in speed and precision

Optical inspection technology is the detection of the surface of an object without any contact using a camera and light These systems work with optical sensors. The technology uses the physical properties of the sorted parts and uses the absorption and reflection of the light to record entire areas, not just test points. In the case of color and shape deviations in particular, contactless testing methods are significantly more economical thanks to the high testing speed. Additionally, planar optical sensors enable faster acquisition of surface data and a high inspection throughput.

The unbeatable advantage of optical testing technology is the ability to record and evaluate complete surfaces.

The evaluation is carried out by using artificial intelligence. Based on a series of sample images, it learns to classify sorted parts. Artificial intelligence is capable of capturing and retrieving enormous amounts of data, unlike the human brain

Each item to be sorted is identified and visually inspected based on various, clearly defined characteristics (e.g. weight, shape, color, size, ...). The AI then classifies the sorted goods.

Due to the contactless process of product testing, the sorted parts are treated as gently as possible and the 360° - all around view gives everybody an absolutely reliable result. Depending on the nature and size of the goods, the system sorts more than 10 parts per second.




With the right sorting the quality of your products is guaranteed!


Consistent quality products are key to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

With efficient sorting and inspection of your products you not only increase your yield and quality but also gain an advantage over your competition.

With optical sorting technology from IFSYS ...

... you have a competent partner at your side
... you get a special machine that is precisely specified for your product
... you can get the right feeding technology on request
... you can get the right technology for further processes such as counting, weighing  and packaging on request
... you can be sure of a fast and competent service
... you get Made in Germany
... you get global customer service
... you choose technical cleanliness
... your machine will be manufactured under clean room conditions, if required

Possible use for optical sorting by IFSYS


  • Fruit / dried fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Spices
  • Coffee beans
  • Cocoa beans
  • Flower bulbs
  • Cuttings
  • Cereals
  • Confectionery
  • Plastics
  • Pet food
  • ...

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