Palletizing Systems

All according your needs

Our palletising systems are variable for every cycle time and staging height all common containers and product types can be stacked and loaded - and this with extremely low noise emission. Quick container change, exact scalability and A wide range of loading and unloading options are the great strengths of our products.

IFSYS manufactures according to your requirements: No matter whether as a single module or complete solution. From simple provisioning to individual assembly and forwarding of your containers by means of robot grippers, IFSYS also offers palletizing systems in an extremely broad spectrum.


Our IFSYS Palletizing System can be customized to accommodate

Most execution heights and cycle times. These systems can handle most product types and containers - while maintaining extremely low noise pollution.



Our heavy guys


  • Variable for each exit height and cycle time
  • Load capacity up to 500 kilograms/1100 lbs
  • Extremly low noise emissions

More information

Would you like to know more? For further information on our feeding systems or feeding modules, we kindly refer to the specific product descriptions.

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