Tube and bar feeders


The IFSYS tube and bar feeders can be adjusted for all material diameters and lengths, and offer a wide range of test options. Equipped with variable transfer height and a high feeding capacity of up to 120 parts/minute.

Ball feeders


The IFSYS ball feeders with geared motor are variably configured for spheres with a diameter of 3.9 to 24 mm (other diameters on request). The output is up to 360 parts material feed/minute.

Spiral feeders


Also extremely reliable in tough continuous operation: The IFSYS spiral feeders can be individually adjusted to almost all bulk goods. Fault-free transfer from round to linear with the IFSYS external spiral systems. Ideal for combination with tried and tested IFSYS technology.

Storage systems


The IFSYS storage systems are the solution for manual loading, which is possible on multiple tracks and on multiple levels. Suitable for combination with the IFSYS separation and test systems.

Lift systems


The slimline IFSYS lift systems require minimal space and are suitable for all lifting heights and traversing speeds. Design with minimal drop heights, maximum part protection and low noise emissions.

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